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Project Veritas HHS Whistle Blower Vaccine Mandate Scandal
September 23, 2021
James O'keefe brings us another Project Veritas hidden video video expose of an FDA official uncovering his admission that the general population should be forced to take the COVID vaccine. Jodi O'Malley was part 1 and Taylor Lee in part 2. Freedom of choice, free speech.
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This is the affirm America podcast where we stand up and speak out affirming american excellence coming to you deep in the heart of the midwest located in an undisclosed log cabin on the outskirts of town. Your host Marquis Vandemark. Mhm Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the Affirm America podcast. I am your host, Marquis Vandemark. And yes, I am coming to you deep within the midwest in a log cabin on the outskirts of town in an undisclosed location. And the weather today in the midwest is windy, very cool, Woke up this morning, it was in the 40s and it's cloudy, had a lot of rain over the last couple of days. It's actually Now fall. Today is 23 September 2021 and it feels a lot like fall right now and it's great, cool. 

It's been very hot in august and it's good to see the weather changing now that we're into football season and the change of the seasons. I've got a great program here for you today. This is a special episode breaking news. I wanted to bring you up to speed project veritas dropped their second video on the exposing the vaccine conspiracy coming out of the F. D. A. Wanted to take some time to play a clip on that project veritas Hidden video with an FDA official talking about how they force vaccines on the American public Now. 

The gentleman on this call, I don't know if he's all that reliable. He seems a little quirky but he does represent the F. D. A. And he, it says some pretty shocking things and I wanted to make that available for my listening audience so that we can talk about it most of you probably know what's going on down in Australia where it's a medical lockdown. People are protesting in the streets and it's pretty ugly down in Australia. The problem is is Australia can be a harbinger for what's going to happen here in America if we're not careful. Especially with the recent mandates coming out of the White house under the biden administration. And now we're have this hidden video from project veritas. So let's let's listen to this clip that just dropped this morning. Let's see what these guys are up to. And then we can talk a little bit about hotel Terrien control Germany and the nazis. 

It's ah pretty shocking information here. So let's play this right now. And then we'll talk about it on the flip side. He looks like that. Yeah. I remember reading about how with covid trials they were having issues recruiting african americans and it was because of a different medication of the government tried to do that was specifically designed to kill african americans also mistrust them. Yeah, assisting safe though and we know that now. But like again I think there is still this big mistrust in like it's deep wounded. Yeah can't blame him. I can't but at the same time like low dark that's where we're going. I mean my personal thing is like you know you get blow darts of J and J. M. Again, I'm a little change. 

Yeah, johnson johnson like go to the unvaccinated and blow it into him, blow guarded into him. Yeah, that's, that's where I am at this point. How do we reach the minority populations? Is there a way to do it? I'm gonna get back to normal. I'm sure there is. I'm not the person to answer it though other than blow dogs because I think that is a great solution. Yes. Well, the problem with that is uhh what? See african americans and they might think that it's like almost like a callback to getting shot by like this. It's time for the whites first. We'll post like video campaigns about doing it to the whites first and then they can call it, then they can say is racist. Exactly. Because again, it, it almost hearkens back to lengthen Yeah, exactly. In africa by blow garden. Yeah. Put it up. We'll have to hire suing amazonians first because like they'll get it done. How good are you were blowing darts? I want to see it has to get an amazon rainforest tribe out here. Yeah. But I mean the undocumented immigration isn't much of an issue is like a lot of people make it out. I think the issue again is if it's a large population of people who are going to choose not to get back to it because they don't want to admit that they are undocumented. 
Remember that's where so again you're going to create this issue where it's you've got the anti-vaxxers and the people are choosing not to for that reason and then you have the facts all again the obvious answer. If we just think everyone again with J and J to make sure that everyone's got something, we're good. I know there's enough to go around. 

So I mean it's just how again, so in order to load it is the perfect answer and since jane J is an MRNA you have no issue of it counteracting with anything else. So again, you just shoot everyone kind of technology we have right now like miniature sort of blow dogs, something with drums, grown darts easy. The white uneducated like Yeah, it's like all of the colloquial people that we've seen like Alabama and all this and it's like yeah, apparently mean I. Q. Tests if you fail below a certain level like you you're getting a shop. That's a good idea. Don't probably put a lot of shots and arms. Yeah, no. 

Hey, how peaceful is that? That's less feasible than the blow darts. I think the blow darts and probably still are most blossom. Alright cool. I'm like the funding is there, it's easy to do, blow darts, it's all we need. We've done. Yeah. What is it? It's like oh yeah, seriously, it's terrible. But at this point I'm like, I don't care about your bodily autonomy because it's not just your bodily autonomy that you're putting in jeopardy. You see any of that stuff going on with like what's her name? Nicki Minaj. I just don't understand why she's opening up her mouth causing more. I will see the issue. Is that like I just said we look at his farm because we think and like I think most educated people would think vaccines good thing. Yeah. Whereas you know on the other side of the coin that people are like, oh the vaccines terrible. The antichrist are like, yes, our savior because excuse me. So my dad doesn't know anything. 

So I I not on your my problems, your level. But once with him like um he's um so we need to blow dart to go visit him. Yeah. Yes. Hey dad stick your arm out. Exactly. What's that? It's just a vitamin C shot. Exactly. Group of in my opinion, fitness industry dealing with this one of the force that door to door. Yeah. Yeah. What are the chances about it? I mean san Cisco's door to door if you don't respond. Sure. So we have the infrastructure to do it. Houses have money. Well, but I think at that point there needs to be a registry of the people who aren't vaccinated. Although that's sounding very Germany at the same. Yeah. I mean we have to get back. I agree. Yeah, I'll do that. It's hard because I don't think there is again, like I said before with other things. I don't think there's a good choice. There isn't a black or white choice. 

There's only great choices because the black or white isn't feasible. I'm at the level where I'm like, I agree. I'm also there. But what I think and what the government will actually do are very different. Yeah. You know, because if they start handing out vaccines, I'm going to go door to door and stab everyone. Oh, it's just your booster shot. There you go. There you go. I'm not trained, licensed professional and spine. You can tell them it's like a flu shot. It's a monthly. I mean, I'm sure they don't take that either. So the death rates gone down. It's, this is the one thing that I hate about statistics is, you know, sometimes you can play with them and the way that you want to show the information Because you can definitely do that. You know, if you let COVID kill off everyone over 60, let's say everyone under that age is going to have an easier recovery period for the most part. So the death rate would obviously go down. It's like we're doing a great job. Death rates down looks like, Okay, you've killed off like 400. Oh and again, that's one of the things that statistics. It's like you play around sometimes you can find the thing to tell you what you want to tell you. 

Well, I just figured that it would be a no brainer that they wouldn't push for the user shots? Yeah. I'm Again I understand FDA position because it was like, oh yeah, they only they only produce the data for 65 and older with these booster shots. So they don't have The data to say, oh yeah, it does the same thing for 20 year olds and it's like okay, But do we think it's harmful for 20 year old to get a booster shot? This is my question. FDA. It's like they're like they didn't provide enough data. It's like okay, I get it. But I don't at the same time. But that's my personal opinion. Mm Again, if you're an undercover journalist, you can't quote me. So this is the thing that's always like really crude as an economist is we have a certain value that we put on each human life. And so when I think about like government mandates like that, I think about in those terms, which you know is terrible because I think each human life is priceless in its own self. But like what about? Okay, so if you give a million vaccines and two of them are blood clots, okay, you have a loss of $10 million about in your government regulation type world framework Because each each life accounted for about $5 million dollars and again it can range and all that stuff. But like okay. 

So if you can if you give these million vaccines, you get everything back to normal. Are you making more than that $10 million dollar loss, are you not? Yeah. And that's the way that like we're trained to like try and think about these things in terms of possible benefit analysis, that type of stuff. Again, my own opinion is very different. But so you're trained. Can you explain in layman's sense better? Yeah. So like with our econ training with like when I learned how to do my job, they like ever played politics with the science. So I would think that the general people there. So the people who are the actual scientists know, but there are political appointees that are generally scientific advisors who are appointed by the president or the commission is So they definitely do. Yeah. Because you know, they're being paid based on if the other people are staying in power.
Unfortunately, everyone ends up playing politics. But I don't think that the career scientists are. I think that it's the people that they're unfortunately having to report to because these political appointees are being put in place. That's part of like the the senate confirms the people to them. Just pick their people. Okay, there. You have it. That's uh project veritas. And we have the vaccine FDA explanation now granted this uh Taylor League. I I'm not so sure he's the most qualified spokesman for the FDA. But it does show you a little bit about the thinking that these people are trained on because the FDA does train them. And a lot of the ideas that you heard him speaking about. Excuse me. 

And jodi O'Malley was the original nurse who had was the whistleblower who came out with the news about her experience as a nurse on the front lines and the experiences that people are having with the vaccine. And it's pretty shocking to hear taylor lee today speaking about blow darts and forcing the vaccine on people as if the government of the F. D. A. Has the authority over our bodies to mandate and to force us to take a vaccine. It's pretty pretty frightening that anybody would even think that way. So you wonder how much is ah just this individual's idea or whether this is really the F. D. A. Behind it and this is their thinking, their mentality, the elitist mindset, especially on the radical left and the current administration, the biden administration. So I wanted to bring this video to you. I'm gonna leave the the link in my description here on this episode of the firm America podcast. So if you want to go watch um jodi O Malley's original video expose. And the second video that dropped with taylor lee from the FDA. I'm sure all keith at veritas will have some more videos coming out. He usually brings a multiple of exposes on this topic. 

And so the bottom line here guys is um voting has consequences. So whoever you vote for, you know, we live with the consequences of it. Now, voter integrity is another whole issue that we'll get into in the future about the fact that some people voted this administration in whether it was a majority or not, that's still a large number of people agree a lot with what the Democratic party stands for today, which is really surged tremendously to the left more so than ever. 

This is not the democrat party of our parents, the john f Kennedy era. This is a whole new era of radical ideology, critical race theory, cancel culture, AOC the climate, green new deal, the expansion of government and control this is what we're looking at today. So again, voting has consequences. And I wanted to bring this clip to you today as a breaking news story so that my listeners are aware of what's happening. So, again, thanks very much for listening. And um we'll be back again very shortly with another episode. In the meantime, you can go to from America dot com to our website. 

You can also subscribe to my affirm America podcast there too as well. Be notified of new episodes that come out. You can reach me at markets at a from America dot com. That's M A R Q U I S at a firm America dot com. If you have any questions, comments, I just want to reach out to me feel free to do that. Also the settlement project? SP Some great information there educational information that you'll find very valuable. It's also part of our project here at a firm America. So again, this is Marky Vandemark. Thank you all very much for joining us on this episode for this day, September 23, 2021. Until next time. God bless you have a great rest of your day. This is the affirm America podcast with your host, Marquis Vandemark. And let's never forget. America is great and we affirm it Yeah.