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Why We Should Support Nicki Minaj Censored on Twitter
September 16, 2021
Nicki Manji was censored on Twitter for a very benign comment about a friend who had a reaction to the COVID Vaccine and she was shutdown. We talk about the Big Tech censorship and why we need to stand up and speak out when anyone loses their rights to free speech.
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Nicki Minaj on Instagram 

This is the affirm America podcast where we stand up and speak out affirming american excellence coming to you deep in the heart of the midwest, located in an undisclosed log cabin on the outskirts of town, your host, Mark IV and a Mark Mhm Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to the Affirm America podcast. I am your host, Marquis Vandemark and it's a beautiful day in the midwest today. 

Marquis: The sun is shining blue skies, there's a tint of fall in the air and we're happy to have you here with us today. Mhm This is the affirm America podcast. Mhm And I've got a alert podcast here for you. Mhm I like to put out an episode when news breaks current events, things that we need to get out into the internet sphere so that you can be on top of issues that are important to affirming America and making America a great nation once again. So thank you all very much for joining me today. I wanted to do this quick episode today on what's happening with twitter. one of our topics is the cancel culture woke ism what's happening with big tech and how they are censoring our free speech and this is a big issue as we all No, we've had a number of big tech companies canceling those that speak out the truth from whatever their truth is. Free speech and big tech seems to be the ministry of truth. 

Marquis: They're out there telling everybody what they deemed to be truthful and what they deemed to be untruthful and twitter is one of those ministries of truth. So you probably heard about the hoopla over Nicki Minaj and her comments that she made the other day. What's interesting about Nicki Minaj is that her comments were very benign really, they weren't nearly as a controversial as some of the other twitter accounts that have been shut down because of some of their comments. And Nicki Minaj got shut down on a very benign comment And it just happened within a very short two or three days. So it was very quick, very swift. She's got quite a few followers, about 22 million followers. I'm not necessarily a fan of her music, but it is important that we stand together Because 1 1 person is attacked were all attacked when it comes to our free speech. We have to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm and support each other. When we're being attacked on our free speech, something's going on, folks that needs to be addressed by the american people. We need to stand up and speak out when these things happen. This is a critical time in our country. The radical left is attacking from all fronts and this is just the latest story.
Marquis: So I wanted to get this out to you. Maybe you heard it, maybe you didn't, but it'll be posted here as soon as I get this finished today and published. But Nicki Minaj responded to her twitter account being shut down on instagram and I wanted to play that for you today because she makes some very good points and I think we need to hear her points and take them to heart and let us stand together with another american regardless of what you think about her music or her character that stand together with her because she has just as much right to speak her mind As anybody else does and one big tech sensors, somebody then we need to point them out, call them out and we need to stand together and support each other. America is great when everybody has free speech, whether you agree with them or not, that's how the constitution was written and that's how we stand together when it comes to free speech. So I'm going to play this clip for you. It's about six minutes and you can get an idea of her thoughts on the issue and why it's important to hear her words as this latest big tech censorship. So let's go ahead and listen to this and we'll talk a little bit at the end. 

Nicki: But you can't just innocently ask a question about something going in your body. Do y'all realize that I remember going to china and they were telling us, you know, you cannot speak out again And I remember all of us thinking, okay, well you know we understand and we respect the laws here and and you know that it's so different where we live but don't you see what's fucking happening, don't you all see that we are living now in that time where people will turn their back on you if you don't not only not a grief, not agreeing, but people will isolate you if you simply speak and ask a question, y'all don't see what is happening. And I'm seeing black women on twitter. 

Nicki: Black women I follow acting like this is funny. No, I ain't gonna lie. I had a lot of fun yesterday and a lot of laughs. But black women are, y'all forgetting there was a time not too long ago where you couldn't even make eye contact with people and you're okay with with what's happening. We're no longer even allow just allowed to voice our opinions or to ask questions. 

Nicki: Now, here's, here's the here's what's interesting what's interesting is so many of your favorite artists feel this way, but they're afraid to speak up and I can't blame them. Look at what they just did. I will never use twitter again. If first of all, I didn't give any facts about any vaccine. I didn't give any facts about anything. I simply said, okay, well, you know, I didn't want to travel with much tiny baby yada yada. And then I said, my cousin, this is the reason he didn't want to take the vaccine? Do you realize how many men are embarrassed to even speak on things that have to do with their held? 

Nicki: Do you know how many men, especially black men don't go to the doctor and and are afraid to tell their own wives that they may be having pain what they may be feeling. Um you know, not so well and this and this is a joke and in twitter can just wait. They crushed the ass up and stop me from, from, from asking questions. But y'all, y'all hanging out with rappers but, but I don't know, I mean it's interesting but um, I want you guys to find a way if I, if I um, you know, I told you I got a request to go to the white house, which I thought was really dope. I'm not going to say I haven't been enjoying some of the laughs that I've had from this. It's a lot of it has been funny not going to lie, but this, this man is not alone. Um you know, there are tons of things that, that men, men, men won't really speak on things the way you know us women will speak on anything well. And so to make a huge joke right about something that really did happen to someone that's one thing but then to stop a person from so what it's making me think now is that there's something bigger to it. 

Nicki: You know, like when I kept on seeing all these people with all these conspiracy theories, I would be like, oh what, please, you know, but what in the world scared y'all that much that made you disable my facebook and twitter. I have not put out anything that I said was a fact about anything. I simply said we should be able to ask questions and speak and it's scary when they start telling you you can't ask questions about anything. Oh right. Someone said it took trump for years to have his twitter disabled I guess. But it took you three days. Yeah not even three days. But listen to me. Please open your eyes, eyes, open your eyes. Mm that's all. And yes I'm writing I'm writing a very very important thing. I'm writing something really important about all of this child but you guys I'll be back, I'll be back to give you more updates in the meantime. I love you dearly. Okay. 

Marquis: Okay so that was Nicki Minaj responding to her twitter account being shut down just yesterday on instagram and I thought it was important to share that with you because as I mentioned before when one of us is targeted because of our free speech censorship then we all have to stand together and speak out and stand up together. If we don't then we'll all lose our free speech. This is very important to understand. We cannot be fearful. We cannot be silent. We cannot cower in the corner. We must speak out. You must support those that are being censored. This is very important while we have to do is look back in history during the times of the nazis to see what happened when people remained silent. Silence is not golden in this situation. We need to stand together and speak out. So if anybody experiences censorship by big Tech, we need to bring it out into the open, expose it and stand together and support each other arm and arm. So I hope you enjoyed this uh episode of just a quick episode. I want to get this news outlets, should be aware of it And let you think about how these uh big tech companies now are taking that they're the big judge in the sky. And hopefully the congress will pass and remove the section 2 30 from the big tech companies, make them accountable and um this is what we're up against today. Okay, so again, thank you all for joining us. Um you can go to affirm America dot com and check out our website. You can also donate if you'd like to support our podcast as a patron. And as well you can sign up for our newsletters, put your subscribe your email in there. You can also contact me at Marcus marquee semi rQ us at from America dot com. And also check out the settlement project SP If you'd like to have more information about some of the topics that we're speaking about today. So again, thank you all for joining us today. God bless you and we'll talk to you. This is a firm America podcast with your host, Marquis Vandemark. And let's never forget, America is great, and we affirm it. Mhm.